The dangers of ignoring FWO compliance notices

By 9 February 2024Workplace

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released information about a recent prosecution that act as a reminder for employers to ensure they manage their employment relationships within the law and to act on FWO compliance notices.

The latest successful prosecution has resulted in the employer being penalised $18,000 in addition to being ordered to backpay the affected employee their entitlements, plus interest on the underpayments.

In addition, the employer will have substantial legal costs from having to defend themselves in the Federal Circuit and Family Court.  A link to the FWO press release is here.

The FWO also released a matter they have commenced prosecution on where the employer, a finance and mortgage broker, failed to pay two employees correctly under the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award 2020 and the National Minimum Wage Order 2022. The employer also did not comply with three compliance notices issued between August 2021 and August 2023. The employer had been ordered to pay the workers a combined total of $37,016, with one worker allegedly underpaid more than $23,000. The employer also faces penalties for issuing false or misleading pay slips to its employees. A link to the full story is here.

If you are not sure that you comply with your obligations under the industrial laws, give our employment team a call about auditing your employment administration.

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