Michael Gibson

Michael is a law clerk in Murdoch’s Business &
Employment Law Team.


My name is Michael Gibson and I am a law clerk in Murdoch’s Business & Employment Law Team. I have been with Murdochs full-time since 2011 while completing my Bachelor of Laws.

Before joining Murdoch Lawyers I worked in the administration and payroll team for a large logistics company.

I am a tech geek at heart and this, combined with my prior payroll experience, allows me to accurately interpret and model employee entitlements under the various modern awards. This modelling is a fundamental tool we use to assist business owners in ensuring they meet their obligations and mitigate the risk of underpayment claims and fines.

In addition to employment law, I also assist business owners with personal property securities and intellectual property matters.

Although I was born in Brisbane, I’m about as local as you can get without being born here, having moved up the hill when I was young and completing all my schooling in Toowoomba.  Apart from my interest in technology, I spent my time away from the law with my high school sweetheart turned wife Jacinta and our rather spoilt miniature schnauzers.


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