Client Care Charter

Client Care Charter

At Murdoch Lawyers, our intent is to provide premium legal services within a timeframe that is acceptable to you and at a price which you feel delivers good value. To ensure that we achieve this, there are a number of issues that we will focus on throughout our dealings.

Are we the right lawyer for you?

At the outset of your matter, we make sure that we are able to provide the legal service you are seeking. Sometimes we may not be the firm best suited to your particular needs. If so, we will seek to refer you to other lawyers or experts who we believe could assist you.

What is important for you?

Toowoomba Solicitors At Murdoch Lawyers, it is not just about the work we do for you – we want to understand what is important to you and we will discuss this with you during your first appointment. We are particularly interested in your expectations of our service.

What will we do and when?

We will set out clearly the extent of the work that we will carry out for you and the time frame in which it will be delivered.

What will it cost?

Initial consultations have a set fee which is payable on the day. Following your consultation, you will receive an estimate of the costs that you will incur to take your matter to the next step or finalisation. You may be asked to deposit some funds into our Trust Account prior to the commencement of any work. Accounts will be sent to you at the completion of the various stages of your matter, or at the end of each month.

How will we keep in touch?

We endeavour to return your phone calls and emails wherever possible on the same day, or no later than the end of the next business day. All correspondence sent to us will be forwarded to you within 24 hours and correspondence that we send on your behalf will have your approval before it is forwarded.

How will we review the outcome of your matter?

For matters that extend more than six weeks, we will undertake a review with you. Please openly discuss with us any frustrations or concerns that you may have or any suggestions as to improvements that we can make.

What other areas can we help you with?

Our primary concern is that all of your legal needs are met. Therefore, at your first appointment we will raise other legal areas that we feel may be important for you to consider at the commencement of or throughout your matter. We also send email updates on different areas that may be of interest to you.

How do we handle your referrals?

The majority of our new clients find us via a referral from an existing client. As a result, we ensure our clients are aware of how we manage people who are referred to us and the types of matters we are best placed to handle. If you are happy with the service that we provide, we would encourage you to refer any friends or colleagues to us.

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