Collaborative Law

Toowoomba & Brisbane Collaborative Law Lawyers

The Murdoch Lawyers family law team are part of the Collaborative Law Practice which is an alternative dispute resolution process used in family law matters where trained professionals attempt to resolve disputes amicably without going to Court (wherever possible).

Each party and their respective lawyers contractually commit to not to take the matter to Court and to reach the best available outcomes for post separation families.

The collaborative law process is about co-operation not confrontation. Each client is represented by his or her own lawyer throughout the process and both lawyers work as a team to:

  • Assess and focus on your common interests;
  • Understand your concerns;
  • Exchange information;
  • Explore a wide range of possible choices; and
  • Reach solutions acceptable to you both.

The benefits of the Collaborative approach include:

  • A faster conclusion and reduction in costs;
  • Settlements that work for all;
  • Less stress for clients, their children, and lawyers;
  • Upgrading communication and problem-solving skills; and
  • Neutrality.

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