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Coal Seam Gas And Mining Compensation Agreements

Coal Seam Gas, coal mining and other resource mining are expanding rapidly into South West and Central Queensland.

Dealing with a resource company can be difficult for land owners if they have become unknowingly bound to unfair compensation agreements. Toowoomba Solicitors at Murdoch Lawyers, our team of experienced commercial lawyers have assisted land owners deal with resource authority and mining companies since 1997.

Resource companies employ their own in-house team of lawyers and have the best legal minds in the country prepare their “standard” documents. They spend their time and money with lawyers for a reason – to obtain as much advantage as possible when dealing with land owners. Land owners can unknowingly agree to binding, long term arrangements that are very cheap and very favourable to resource companies.

Are you aware that the legal expenses of affected land owners are paid for by the mining companies? It makes sense for land owners to get their own legal experts to help them when they deal with resource companies.

A land owner should:

  • understand the rights and obligations of a resource authority holder BEFORE the landowner agrees to any binding agreement with a resource company;
  • only agree to compensation for activities that the landowner fully understands; and
  • only agree to compensation for impacts that are known and understood by the land owner.

We know mining law and understand what is needed to achieve balanced agreements with resource companies. We have extensive experience with:

  • Notices of Entry; and
  • Compensation and Conduct agreements.

We only act for land owners. Our approach is commercial – it is our job to help negotiate a fair deal for the land owner.

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