Acquisition Of Property

Resumption And Compulsory Acquisition Of Property

Do you know what your rights are if a Government Authority issues a Notice of Intention to Resume?

You may not be aware that any legal fees incurred through your dealings with us are payable by the resuming authority as part of the compensation that must be paid to an affected land owner.

We are able to assist with choosing experts that might be required to fully understand the impact the resumption could have. This may involve reports from engineers, town planners, noise experts and accountants. We work with the other experts to draw together a comprehensive understanding of the long term effect that the resumption will have on the affected land owner.

Murdoch Lawyers know what needs to be done to achieve a compensation payment that fully and fairly reflects the value of the land taken. We have extensive experience with:

  • Notices of intention to resume
  • Compensation agreements
  • Entry Agreements
  • Compensation deferral agreements

We only act for landowners. Our approach is commercial – it is our job to help negotiate a fair deal for the landowner.

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