Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Lawyer

No matter whether you are a small, medium or large business enterprise, cash flow is king.

Unpaid debts can severely impact that cash flow, which in turn has the potential to affect the sustainability and profitability of your business. Disputes over debts can take a number of forms, but most commonly involve an unpaid invoice or account.

If unpaid debts are a problem for you or your business, it is crucial that you act quickly in order to maximise your chance of full recovery. Receiving quality professional advice at an early stage is one key to achieving this result. At Murdoch Lawyers, we can assist you in recovering your outstanding debts in a timely, cost-effective and systematic manner and by doing so contribute to your business remaining healthy and profitable.

Our team’s approach to debt recovery is honest, open and direct. We provide you with all relevant information so you are able to make an informed, practical decision as to which debt recovery option is best suited to you and your situation. You will also benefit from the experience of our team in both commercial litigation and insolvency law, which allows Murdoch Lawyers to provide you with in-depth advice and solutions covering a wide variety of commercial situations.

Additionally, our team is adept in providing advice on credit management policies and procedures tailored to your business, the aim of which is to place your business in the best possible situation to avoid incurring bad debts in the future.

Should you or your business be encountering debt recovery difficulty, or if you simply wish to take a proactive approach to developing a credit management plan, then let our experienced Toowoomba Lawyers team at Murdoch Lawyers assist you.

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