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Arrangements for Children

It is a child’s right to have quality time with both parents unless there is a very good reason not to and that, put simply, is how we see it at Murdoch Lawyers. read more

Child Support

When parents separate, they both continue to have financial responsibility for their children. Child support is money paid by one parent to the other, to contribute towards the financial support of the children. The amount to be paid can be negotiated between the parents and can be calculated by the Child Support Agency. read more

Defacto Relationships

People in defacto relationships have the right to seek a property settlement upon the breakdown of their relationship. Generally speaking, a person who has been living with another person in a genuine domestic relationship for 2 years will be able to make a claim for property settlement. read more

Divorce & Separation

The Court is able to grant a divorce if there has been an irretrievable breakdown of marriage. This is established by a couple living apart for at least twelve months. A couple can be living apart but still under the one roof. A person cannot apply for divorce until the parties have been separated for twelve months. read more

Domestic Violence

If you have been a victim of family violence, it is important to ensure that you and your children are protected from this violence. Protection is available by way of an Intervention Order through the Magistrates’ Court, or a Family Violence Order through the Family Court. read more

Pre-nuptial and Financial Agreements

If a couple does not have a Binding Financial Agreement and they separate, their property will be divided in accordance with the principles in the Family Law Act, and this usually means that all of the property of the parties at that time is included. read more

Pre-Separation Advice

Often clients who are considering a separation are concerned about the state of their relationship and consult us for advice. In those confidential consultations, our role is to arm you with information and knowledge so that any decisions you make in relation to a separation are made from an informed basis. read more

Property Settlements

The Family Court is empowered to make any Order which it considers appropriate altering the interests of either the husband or the wife in any property owned by either or both of them. Set out below are some of the matters that the Court will consider. read more

Spousal Maintenance

Upon separation, one party (to a marriage or defacto relationship which ended after 1 March 2009) is liable to maintain the other to the extent that he or she is reasonably able to do so if, and only if, the other party is unable to support him or herself adequately. read more

Child Protection

The Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) (the department) is the organisation that investigates reports of harm or suspected child abuse against any child under 18. The department’s role is to investigate complaints made in respect of children and if necessary provide ongoing services to the child or any person that cares for the child. read more

Child Maintenance Trusts

A Child Maintenance Trust (CMT) is a tax effective way by which a parent can pay maintenance for a child or children as the result of a separation. read more

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is the term used to describe mediation or counselling to help parents and other people significant in a child’s life try to agree on arrangements for a child’s future care. read more

Collaborative Law

The Toowoomba Solicitors at Murdoch Lawyers family law team are part of the Collaborative Law Practice which is an alternative dispute resolution process used in family law matters where trained professionals attempt to resolve disputes amicably without going to Court (wherever possible). read more

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