Workplace Discrimination & Harassment in Toowoomba

It is unlawful to take adverse action against an employee because of the employee’s:

  • race;
  • colour;
  • sexual preference;
  • age;
  • physical or mental disability;
  • marital status;
  • family or carer’s responsibilities;
  • pregnancy;
  • religion;
  • political opinion;
  • national extraction; or
  • social origin.

In addition to the prohibitions in the Fair Work Act, there is a range of additional anti-discrimination laws at commonwealth and state level which need to be complied with, such as:

  • Age Discrimination Act 2004 (Cth);
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth);
  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth);
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth); and
  • Anti-discrimination Act 1991 (Qld).

Employers also have WH&S obligations to ensure the workplace is free from workplace harassment and bullying.

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