Weekly Blog 18/12/2013 – “Sexual harassment = $476,163 Judgment”

By 13 January 2014News
Sexual harassment

Earlier this month, the Federal Court awarded $476,163 plus interest to a women who was found to be the victim of sexual harassment (verbal and physical).

The decision serves as a timely reminder:

  • sexual harassment is against the law
  • employers arranging social events where alcohol is being served need to be careful
  • employers can be liable for the actions of their employees
  • complaints of sexual harassment should be appropriately investigated and dealt with
  • just because police become involved, an employer is not absolved from their duty to investigate complaints.

The judgment is subject to the court making a determination about double recovery. To do this, the Court requires the victim to file and serve an affidavit detailing the terms of any settlement reached with:

  • her employer
  • the labour hire firm which engaged the perpetrator
  • any other person.

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