Pre-separation Advice


Pre-Separation Advice in Toowoomba & Brisbane

Often clients who are considering a separation are concerned about the state of their relationship and consult us for advice.

In those confidential consultations, our role is to arm you with information and knowledge so that any decisions you make in relation to a separation are made from an informed basis.
Typically, the matters in relation to which we would advise are:

  • the legal implications of separation;
  • strategies to minimise the impact for separation on children and how to address parenting arrangements in the short term;
  • the range of likely outcomes in terms of:
  • whether assets held in companies or Trusts are part of the pool of property for division and strategies for accessing those assets;
  • the rights of third parties such as family or business partners involved in business or co-ownership with the parties to a marriage or relationship;
  • the identification and valuation of assets, particularly where there are complex financial structures; and
  • the protection of assets.

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