Murdoch Mediations is Live!

By 2 December 2019News
Murdoch Mediations

We are pleased to announce that Murdoch Mediations is now live!

There are countless reasons why parties should consider Mediation, however most of our clients cite:

  • Litigation can be onerous as it is often an expensive and lengthy process;
  • The impact of Court proceedings on the parties (and any children) is significant and ongoing;
  • Legal advice can be obtained before, during and after a Mediation, so there is no detriment to parties in electing to settle outside of Court;
  • Mediation can be conducted at the parties’ desired pace;
  • The process is confidential, allowing both parties to put their best offers forward without fear of later retribution in the Court system;
  • Meditation is focused on facts and outcomes, as opposed to accusations;
  • Generally, the sooner parties reach a resolution, the less strain on the already severed relationship and other related parties, such as children and close family and friends; and
  • Mediation can offer a controlled environment for dispute resolution, as opposed to leaving personal circumstances subject to change, scrutiny and intervention of a Court restricted by time and the evidence before it.

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