Child Protection

Child Protection

The Department of Communities (Child Safety Services) (the department) is the organisation that investigates reports of harm or suspected child abuse against any child under 18.

The department’s role is to investigate complaints made in respect of children and if necessary provide ongoing services to the child or any person that cares for the child.

If the department determines that the child is in need of protection they can take a number of different steps including asking you to enter into a voluntary care agreement. If the department determines that the child is in immediate danger the department can take the child into their custody.

Extended family may also become involved in child protection matters where children are removed from a primary parent and kinship care is required. It can often be difficult for kinship carers to understand the process and expectations of kinship carers. In some situations, kinship carers may also find it difficult to work with the department. In these circumstances, a solicitor experienced in child protection law can make all the difference.

Timely legal advice is essential for any child protection matter and at Murdoch Lawyers, we offer experienced advice and representation. Our lawyers have a clear understanding of the law in this area and are skilled at negotiating with the department.

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