Katrina Potter

Katrina is a Lawyer in our Family Law team based in the Toowoomba office.


My name is Katrina Potter and I have been practicing as a lawyer for just over 10 years. My interest in the law began at a young age however. My father worked in several different courthouses in regional Queensland, I have very fond memories of exploring the old buildings and “helping” Dad at work.

My legal career began officially when I started studying law externally and working as an articled clerk for my father in his small firm in the Lockyer Valley. When dad was appointed as a Magistrate and sold the firm in 2004, I decided to make the move into criminal law and I obtained a position with the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

In 2008 I took leave from the ODPP to work as Associate to Her Honour Judge Richards DCJ. After completing my Associateship and becoming admitted as a legal practitioner, I returned to the ODPP and began practising as a legal officer.  I remained employed within the ODPP until early 2016.

Most recently I have been working as the Principal Lawyer and Legal Services Coordinator within TASC. In this position I managed various legal programs relating to criminal law, civil law and family law; and it was through this role in particular, that I developed a keen interest in the legal issues associated separation and domestic violence.

On a personal note: My family are originally from the Darling Downs and my grandmother, uncle and his wife are still on the farm in Biddeston. I love Toowoomba and I completed my high school years at St Ursula’s College.  I have now settled in the Lockyer Valley and travel here to work every day.  My husband is a farmer and we have two young children, aged 3 and 5. My daughter has just started prep locally and we make the journey together from Laidley together most days. It goes without saying that I am thus an expert at “I spy…”

When I do get free time, I love to spend it playing with the kids, socialising with friends, reading, and listening to (mostly self-help) podcasts.  I am also enjoying renovating our little old cottage – which we have recently discovered was Laidley’s original ambulance station, back in the early 1900s.

Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Domestic and Family Violence Law

Qualifications & Reputation

Personal Qualifications

  • Admitted practise as a Solicitor within the Queensland Supreme Court
  • Admitted to practise as a Solicitor within the High Court
  • Leadership Management Training, Leadership, Enhance, Aspire Program, Focus HR 2016
  • Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health First Aid Australia 2017
  • Legal Practice Management Course, Queensland Law Society 2017


  • Member, Queensland Law Society
  • Member, Downs & South Western Queensland Law Association


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Contact Information

Direct Line: 07 4616 9813