Dean Foley

Nationally Accredited Mediator
Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist – Family Law


Dean has practiced exclusively in family law for almost 15 years, and in that time he has come to the firm view that individuals and their relationships are rarely ‘healthier’ after having gone through litigation and the Court system.

The current family law system in Australia is adversarial, which requires people to sit down and think of all the terrible things their former partner has done over the years. Such a process is hardly conducive to effective co-parenting, or a co-operative and civil relationship moving forward.

Whilst there are some instances where Court’s are completely necessary, and unavoidable, there are many, many other instances where mediation is a far better course.

Dean’s mediation practice focuses on giving participants the tools and opportunities to not only come up with their own solutions, but to also help participants express why specific outcomes are sought and important to them.  An outcome which is agreed to has the benefit of being ‘owned’ by the participants, and is more likely to be something that people will abide by, as opposed to an outcome with is imposed on people by the Court.

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators

When the above process is coupled with Dean’s practical and no-nonsense reality testing, and experience as to what can happen in Court, it’s possible for individuals to reach an outcome which is beneficial to all concerned, and ensures that everyone feels heard and has had their view respected.

Dean Foley - Family Law Solicitor

Practice Areas

  • Inter-jurisdictional / Non-Australian Property Settlement Matters
  • Child Support Matters, including those involving with Non-Australian Authorities
  • Complex Corporate Property Matters including matters where appropriate restructuring can produce tax-effective results.
  • Taxation Issues pertaining to Property Settlement
  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Parenting Arrangements where Child Abuse Allegations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mediation

Qualifications & Reputation

  • Professional Qualifications
    • Accredited Specialist – Family Law
    • Griffith University
      • LLB (Honours 2A)
      • BA (Psychology)
    • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland
    • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
    • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Associations
    • Member of the Queensland Law Society
    • Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association
    • Member of the Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia
    • Contributor, Family Law Review, published by Thomson Reuters
    • Member of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators


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