Chantelle Reyes

Chantelle is Murdoch Lawyers' Business Development and Client Services Coordinator


I have primarily worked in the Real Estate industry with my work experience beginning in front-office administration before I progressed to management positions where I was able to leverage my knowledge and leadership skills. I love being able to encourage and influence the evolution and success of a business and my team. Efficient communication, organisation, attention to detail and professional knowledge are imperative to me, and above all I value honesty and integrity and strive to exude these principles in my daily interactions with clients, team members and the community.

This is what I love about my position at Murdoch Lawyers Toowoomba. As Business Development and Client Services Coordinator, I work closely with the whole team on building and nurturing relationships with clients, as well as internal culture and community initiatives. I highly value client nurture and ardently believe that every business should have a process in place for ensuring that clients have the best possible experience. The Directors here also believe strongly in personal and professional development and together we implement different ways of encouraging our team to pursue, track and achieve their goals.

I am passionate about animals, and it is my goal in the future to work in a position where I am contributing to their support, protection and healing, either directly as a specialist or indirectly such as through a role like this where I am assisting with business management or community involvement. At home I have three dogs, a cat and a python, and I love nothing more than taking my dogs on adventures in the sunshine or relaxing with my cat on rainy afternoons.

I am also involved with Canvas Coworking Toowoomba, a space for connection and collaboration, where presently I am in the Sponsorship Team for Tech Stars Global Sustainable Revolution Start Up Weekend 2019. Toowoomba is the only city in Australia participating which is a tremendous privilege and just another reason to love this city.

Contact Information

Direct Line: 07 4616 9844