Christopher Lowe

Christopher is a Senior Associate in our Business & Workplace team.


I have been practising in employment and industrial relations law for about 10 years with experience in litigation involving employment law matters for both employers and employees.

I am particularly interested in complex restraint of trade and breach of contract matters. I also enjoy acting for both employers and employees in unfair dismissal matters, anti-bullying matters and general protections claims.

In addition to employment law related matters, I have experience in litigated matters involving commercial law and intellectual property disputes as well as industrial relations experience, including advising and assisting on enterprise bargaining matters and disputes.

I have vast experience in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, policies and procedures with an aim to tailor documents to the clients’ needs. I enjoy advising on complicated underpayment issues for clients, including award interpretation and carrying out calculations for loaded wages and salaries to ensure award compliance.

Qualifications & Reputation

Professional Qualifications


  • Bachelor of laws; &
  • Bachelor of commerce (majoring in finance)

Associations & Memberships

  • ANZSLA (Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association);
  • Brothers and Sisters in Law Inc.;
  • Communications, Entertainment and Technology Committee (NSW); &
  • Camden Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.


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