Bridget Ferris

Bridget is the team lead of The Way We Work Project


I support our people to improve the way they work. I lead the The Way We Work Project with the purpose to make our people’s lives better and establish our own Murdoch Lawyers ‘Best Practice’ in everything we do.

I work closely with individuals and teams across the business to identify the pain points in their day, develop solutions and implement improvements. I’m passionate about removing the noise in our peoples’ day so they can focus on doing what they love; helping our clients. This newly created role is an exciting journey for me and the business.

With a background in process improvement (Lean Six Sigma), Project Management and Human Resources, I enjoy connecting people with the resources they need to work smarter (and not harder). My ongoing private study of The Enneagram (Personality Type) System assists me to understand and appreciate why people behave the way they do.

Raised in Toowoomba but now living in Brisbane, you will find me travelling between the two each week. I spend my time outside of work with my partner, our dog Harry and our families.

    Contact Information

    Direct Line: 07 4616 9834